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Cargo & Vehicle Inspection

With a proven track record and best-in-class technology, AS&E cargo systems are available in mobile, drive-through portal, or gantry configurations, including options for harsh environments, remote locations, and high-throughput systems for congested areas. It’s all to help you more effectively inspect cars, vans, trucks, and cargo containers for threats and contraband.


Making effective high-throughput screening possible, our systems scan cars, trucks, vans, and their cargo to reveal explosives, drugs, alcohol, and other contraband. The Z Portal system features multi-view Z Backscatter screening for the detection of organic material, while Sentry Portal provides high-performance imaging for trucks and cargo.

Z Portal® for Trucks & Cargo
Z Portal® for Passenger Vehicles
Sentry® Portal


Our gantry systems use the industry’s most advanced technologies—high-energy, dual-energy, and Z Backscatter—to reveal threats and contraband that other can miss. The OmniView Gantry system is a high-energy, high-performance inspection system.

OmniView® Gantry


For reaching places other systems can’t go—and scanning objects other systems can’t scan, our mobile screening systems work everywhere you do. The ZBV and ZBV with Tx-View use Z Backscatter and dual-energy screening for the detection of organic and metallic contraband.

ZBV with Tx-View™


Compact, single-sided imager that can be used to scan objects in hard-to-reach areas, such as: small boats, aircraft, vehicle tires, and car interiors.