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Centro Consulting

After working together on various projects for the past 9 years Mike Smith (Centro) and Mete Kilicli (AKA) have reached agreement to work together on a more formal basis.

From June 1 2013 the 2 companies will work together helping companies from outside Turkey establish legal entities and operational activities in Turkey.

They will also help Turkish companies wishing to expand into the EU and beyond.

Mete said “Turkey is seen as an attractive, successful, market for many companies – probably the most stable in the region – but the local fiscal, legal and corporate frameworks are not easy to understand and navigate – we can help companies with this” he also said “in Turkey we have everything, a good infrastructure and flexible workforce but it’s a big country and we can also advise companies on the most appropriate locations to be in”

Mike says “We’re delighted to work more closely with Mete and his company – there’s a great fit between us because our multi-national network of Consultants can advise Turkish companies seeking to expand not only across the EU but also further afield ! ”

Want to know more? Contact Mike at the UK office or Mete in the Turkey office – see “Contact Us”

Centro Consulting work many internationally recognised organisations within the automotive industry.
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