Aka Dış Ticaret Paz. Ltd. Şti.


AKA has a considerable experience in Business Development in a number of markets and has been serving to multinational corporates as ‘hands on the job’ solutions provider. We listen and understand the requirements of our customer and plan the necessary actions and take responsibility of our efforts. Making the difference is our strategy and flexible structure is differentiating us.  Our long lasting co-operation with our partners is our reference and guide for future operations.


Centro Consulting:  After working together on various projects for the past 9 years, Mike Smith (Centro) and Mete Kilicli (AKA) have reached agreement to work together on a more formal basis.

From June 1 2013, two companies will work together helping companies from outside Turkey establish legal entities and operational activities in Turkey.


Around the world, Automotive Manufacturers and dealer networks are facing unique challenges including new demands on retail competences in growing markets, the need to reduce costs in saturated markets and more elusive customers, in this context AMS and AKA became the solution partners in Turkey to provide services for Automotive sector.


iic group is a business consultancy that has specialized with great success in automotive sales optimization. Since 1995, industry leading companies have benefited from iic group’s innovative business approaches.

iic stands for innovation, implementation and coaching. iic group’s comprehensive consulting approach ranges from the development of innovative concepts over the implementation of business-oriented solutions to ensuring a sustainable and successful usage of these concepts by our clients.